Friday, September 16, 2005

A New Western Empire

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[This is something I made for my student teaching.  It was made to be used in combination with the students' textbooks.]

A New Western Empire
1.  Who were, by far, the most powerful of the Germanic peoples?

Clovis and the Franks
2.  What man united the Frankish tribes and became known as “King of the Franks”?

3.  Why did he convert to Christianity?

The Origin of Names
4.  Where do last names come from?

The Mayors of the Palace
5.  Which family ruled the Franks?

6.  What palace official became the real power behind the Frankish throne?

7.  At what battle and in what year did Charles Martel defeat the Muslims?

8.  Who were the Lombards?

The Mayor of the Palace
9.  What was left for the King to do?

The Empire of Charlemagne
Charlemagne’s Character
10.  What does Charlemagne mean?

11.  What were Charlemagnes’ vices?

Charlemagne’s Conquests
12.  Under whose rule did the Frankish empire reach its peak?

13.  Charlemagne lay the foundations for which modern European nations?

Charlemagne’s Crowning
14.  Who crowned Charlemagne?

15.  What was Charlemagne crowned?

A Revival of Learning
16.  What did Charlemagne’s reforms renew interest in?

17.  What were the primary centers for preserving ancient manuscripts?

Disintegration of Charlemagne’s Empire
18.  The Carolingian Empire collapsed, torn by ______________ and pillaged by _________________________________.

Problems from within
19.  Name the treaty that split the Carolingian Empire into three parts and identify the brothers and the portion of the kingdom which each received.

20.  What happened when Lothair died?

Problems from Without
21.  Who captured Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily and pillaged Southern Italy?

22.  Who were the most feared invaders?

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