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Joel Swagman
February 8, 1999
Entry 1
Section C


My worldview is the way I view the world.  It helps me make sense of what I encounter and how I deal with things.
I believe that the purpose of human beings is to help make the world a better place for others.  Each human being, by virtue of simply existing, uses up resources.  They must justify the use of these resources as best they can by giving back to the world.  (Also, humans should try and live as simply as possible, using up no more than they need).  As creatures created by God, furthermore, we have a responsibility to help other human beings out who are in need or trouble.  God created us to be loving creatures.
I believe that the universe in which we live is ultimately under the control of God.  This should be a comfort, when we are in trouble we know that God will ultimately prevail.  However, God allows evil to happen.  Therefore, the world we live in is plagued by evil.  However, we must remember that God is in control and the world and the creatures in it are essentially good.
The main problem that keeps humans from attaining fulfillment is sin.  More specifically, greed and selfishness.  These two evils cause people to try and obtain all they can, and ultimately leaves them unfulfilled.  People must realize that happiness does not lie in material possessions, and struggle to overcome our instinctive urge to obtain more.  People likewise must realize that a life which they spend trying to only please themselves is going to end up in misery, because we were created to care about more than just ourselves.

Humans must realize that fulfillment and true happiness can only come from God, and a life spent serving him.  People can serve God in many different ways, or from many different beliefs.

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