Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Congress

This is a worksheet I made from my student teaching days for a class of 12th grade students studying government.  The purpose was to direct them to read their textbook.

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The Congress
  1. The Constitution opens by assigning what to Congress?

  1. Trends in the twentieth century have caused what?

  1. Congressional Structure
The Great Compromise
  1. What is a two house legislative body called?

  1. How is representation apportioned in each house?

Divided Branch
  1. What is the primary advantage of bicameralism?

  1. What does the ten-year census have to do with the House of Representatives?

  1. What is the number of representatives permanently fixed at?

  1. What are the requirements for representatives in the House and Senate?

  1. How long are the terms for representatives of the House?

  1. Why is this?

  1. Senators, in contrast to the House of Representatives, are elected on what kind of basis?

  1. The Senate was designed by the constitutional framers as a body less accessible to what?

  1. What other factors distinguish the two houses?

Speakers and Whips
  1. What is a caucus?

  1. Who is the President of the Senate?

  1. Who has more power, the President of the Senate or Speaker of the House?

The Committee Approach
  1. Which committees are temporarily drawn from both chambers to work out a compromise agreement on a bill or proposed law?

  1. What kind of power do committees have over a bill?

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