Thursday, September 08, 2005

American History 10th Grade Re-Test

[After a significant portion of the 10th grade class failed my first test, it was necessary to devise a re-test.]

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1.What was the Revolution of 1800?

2.When a British ship fired on the U.S.S. Chesapeake, what was this known as?

3.Who did Aaron Burr kill in a duel?

4.  Who’s Vice President was Aaron Burr?

5.  Who was John Marshall?

6.  Who was the first President of the United States to die in office?

7.  The War of 1812 inspired what popular song?

8.  What political party protected the interests of the farmers?

9.  When an unusually high tariff is used just to keep foreign goods from being imported, what is this known as?

10.  Name the following: United States will not interfere with Europe, and Europe will not interfere with the United States

11.  Who were Lewis and Clark?

12.  The Federalist Party died out.  This was one of the causes of what?

13.  What was the old system of nominating a presidential candidate known as?  

14.  What was at least one reason that the United States launched a campaign into Spanish Florida?

15.  When a President appointed his supporters to important government positions, what was this known as?

16.  What was the nullification crisis?  (This doesn’t have to be too detailed).

17.  William Henry Harrison faced Tecumseh’s Indian federation at what battle?

17.5  Who won this battle?

18.  Which Country was Napolean from?

19.  What is at least one reason why we got such a good deal on the Louisiana Purchase?

20.  What were Thomas Jefferson’s two greatest triumphs in the area of foreign affairs?

21.  What did Andrew Jackson say about John Marshall?

21.5  What court case was Jackson referring to?

22.  What was at least one provision of the Missouri Compromise?

23.  In the election of 1824, John Quincy Adams ran against Andrew Jackson.  The election ended up being decided by the House of Representatives.  Why was this?

1.  What were at least three causes of the war of 1812?
2.  What were at least three results of the war of 1812?

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