Friday, September 16, 2005

The Jackson Years

[Another worksheet from my student teaching days.  The purpose of this worksheet was to direct the students' attention to various passages from their textbook.]

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The Jackson Years
Old Hickory
  1. Where was Jackson’s reputation made?

  1. Jackson’s opponents called him a murderer.  Why?
Why did they call him a hangman?

The People’s President
Spoils of Victory
  1. What did Jackson believe about men who stayed in office for too long?

  1. What was wrong with the policy Jackson started?

Kitchen Cabinet
  1. What was the Kitchen Cabinet?

  1. Jackson’s administration was torn by infighting, particularly between who?

The Preacher and the President
  1. Cartwright later joined what?

Nullification Crisis
  1. What is the difference between a revenue tariff and a protective tarriff?

  1. The South Carolina legislature denounced the tariff as:

  1. What did the South Carolina further suggest?

  1. When John C. Calhoun resigned from the Vice-Presidency, what did this signify?

  1. What did Clay’s new Tariff do?

  1. What was it known as?

  1. War had been averted, but why was there little to cheer about?

Busting the Bank
  1. What did Jackson kill?

  1. What were the three political precedents of the presidential election of 1832?

  1. What did President Jackson issue to slow the inflation caused by the proliferation of paper money and restrict land expansion?

Genuine as a $3 Bill
  1. What helped open a new era in American Banking from 1836 to 1864?

The Indian “Problem”
  1. What did Jackson promise?  What did he actually do?

Indian Removal
  1. Why did the policy of Indian removal seem fair to the government?

  1. Who pursued this zealously?

Indian Resistance
  1. How did the reactions of the Seminoles and the Cherokee to Indian removal differ?  What was the result for each tribe?

  1. What did Andrew Jackson say about John Marshall?

“The Trail where They Cried”
  1. What was the trail of tears?

Party Politics
  1. What was a strong indication of the democratic forces at work during the Jackson years?

Jackson and Anti-Jackson
  1. What three anti-Jackson forces came together to form the Whig party?

  1. Where do the Whigs get their name?

Van’s Victory
  1. What was the Whig strategy in the presidential election of 1836?  What was the result?

  1. Van Buren was the last sitting Vice-President to be elected until who?

Hard Times
  1. Name two causes of the Panic of 1837.

  1. Who got blamed for it?

Log Cabin Campaign
  1. Tippecanoe and ____________________

  1. What important thing did Harrison do one month after taking office?


35.  What Campaign is this little box thingy talking about?  (The year will be fine).

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