Friday, September 09, 2005

Teaching of Writing Reflection Paper 3

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It has been quite some time since I last wrote for my own enjoyment.  I mean, writing creatively, where I was trying to create something interesting for no one but myself.  I used to do this all the time in High School, and before, but after the first few weeks of College I gave it up.
The primary reason is that I just did not have the time.  I was busy with schoolwork, meeting new people, getting involved in clubs, socializing, and the like.  All of these combined left me very little time to myself.  I told myself I would do it during the summer, but during the summer I have even less time.
Very few people I know write for themselves.  Part of it could be not everyone likes to write, but I think for many of them it is time constraints.  This is unfortunate, but I suppose inevitable.
The thing is, a lot of the activities which take up my time are not really necessary.  I put such a high emphasis on social activities, but I could survive with out doing all of them that I do.  So, although time constraints are the reason I do not write, I have no one but myself to blame for these restraints.
I think a big part of it is growing up as well.  The fantasy worlds that I used to retreat to when I was younger, and used to chronicle down the adventures on paper, are no longer so important.
A couple times this summer I had a free night and I just let the television suck it away.  However, if I am not in the habit of writing, or do not have anything I am working on, it is hard to just jump right into it.  At the same time, if I start something, I know I would never finish it.  Besides, lots of the things I start writing with great enthusiasm never turn out to be as enjoyable as I anticipated.

I rarely ever read for my own enjoyment either.  Actually, this does not really bug me so much because I do so much reading for my classes, I figure I am not really missing out on that much.  I mean, reading a textbook is not the same as reading a good story or anything, but I read a lot of literature for my classes.  For that matter I write a lot for all my classes too, but it is not the same kind of writing.

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