Monday, September 12, 2005

Rise of Feudal Monarchies

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[This is a worksheet I designed from my student teaching days for a 9th grade history class.  This purpose of this worksheet was to ensure that the students read the assigned pages from the textbook.]

Rise of Feudal Monarchies
The Anglo-Saxons Settle England
1.  Where does the name England come from?

2.  Who defeated the Danes?

3.  What Danish ruler conquered England?

4.  What English ruler drove the Danish out?

William of Normandy Conquers England
5.  How was William related to an English King?

6.  William was the duke of what?

7.  What did William bring to England?

8.  What was the Domesday book?

Reforms Strengthen Royal Authority
9.  How was Henry II related to William the Conqueror?

10.  What situation provoked jealous rivalry between the French and English thrones.

11.  Why was Thomas a’ Becket killed?

Magna Carta Limits Royal Power
12.  Whose Reign provides the setting for the adventures of Robin Hood?

13.  Which Pope did John Clash with?

14.  Why was John forced to submit?

15.  What was the Magna Carta?

Parliament Becomes and Important Institution
16.  Under which king was the model Parliament created?

17.  What is Parliament?

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