Saturday, September 24, 2005

Media Mouse Letter

This is a letter that we at Media Mouse sent out around 2000/2001.
I found this while going through my old computer disks.  The fact that I had this letter on my disks indicate that I must have been the one who volunteered to write it up.
As the letter indicates, this was a new project we started working on.  Our concern was that there were a lot of socially progressive groups in West Michigan, but that they were languishing in obscurity because not many people knew about them.  We were also concerned that there were a lot of similar groups who were needlessly duplicating each other's work.
Our goal was to create an "activist directory" in West Michigan.  And we did succeed in doing this, at least for a few months.  (I'm not sure the project sustained itself in the long term, but I don't really know because I left for Japan in 2001.)

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Media Mouse

Greetings.  This letter is from Media Mouse, a recently formed media activist group in Grand Rapids.  Media Mouse is a group concerned about corporate control of the mass media, and the various viewpoints that are left out as a result.  We seek to promote alternative forms of media, and to get accurate and important information to people by any means we can.
We would like to be more actively involved with the socially conscious groups in West Michigan, such as your group.  Ideally, we would like to help network various groups in the area by assisting in publicizing the various events and projects each group is working on.
If you are interested, please give us any information that you think would be useful.  This would be things like current contact information about the group, including names of individuals we could contact, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, et cetera.  We are also interested in a website address (if applicable) which we could post as a link from our own site.  We are interested in finding out about any publications that your group has, which we could help to distribute.  Last, and most important, let us know about any upcoming events or projects you would like our help publicizing.
We look forward to working with your group in the future.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Media Mouse

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