Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Age of Jackson

This is a worksheet I designed for a class of 11th grade high school students from my student teaching days.  It was meant to direct their attention to the textbook they were reading.

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The Age of Jackson (1820-1840)
1.  The age of Jacksonian democracy was the age of what kind of man?

2.  The age was shaped by forces much larger then any one man.  There was widespread currents of ___________________, ____________________ and _____________________.

3.  Who were the new breed of leaders?

4.  What were the three components of Henry Clay’s American system?

Protective Tariff
5.  What was America’s first protectionist legislation?

6.  Why didn’t the South like the protective Tariff?

Second National Bank
7.  Why is it interesting that in 1816 the Republicans approved a 20 year charter on a second bank of the United States?

8.  Such a bank would assist economic growth by providing _______________________
and a depository for ______________________________.

Internal Improvements
9.  Why was Madison reluctant to approve internal improvements?

10.  What important step was approved?

11.  What would have a large impact on the politics of the upcoming Jacksonian era?

Panic of 1819
12.  What two factors contributed to the Panic of 1819?

13.  What had been rife with fraud and scandal?

Missouri Compromise
14.  When Missouri applied for statehood, why did this cause such a contraversy?

15.  What were three provisions of the Missouri Compromise?

16.  Political expansionism was evident in what 3 major changes?

Death of “King Caucus”
17.  “King Caucus” came under fire as ______________________

18.  For what two reasons was the election of 1824 a political turning point?

A “Corrupt Bargain”
19.  What two men did supporters of Andrew Jackson accuse of making a “corrupt bargain” in the presidential election of 1824?

20.  Adam’s party became known as:
      Jackson’s party became known as:

Rematch and Revenge
21.  Who helped organize the democratic effort?

22.  Who was Jackson’s running mate?

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